Albin Veselka


Born in 1979, Albin's interest in painting came at an early age. His parents were instrumental in promoting his emerging talent.


In 2006 Albin received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University, Idaho. He credits the knowledgeable and student oriented faculty of the BYUI art department for giving him “the tools all representational artists must have to open up the door to communicating in the visual arts.” Direction was also given to Albin which helped him break into the gallery scene while he was a college student. Since then Albin has continued in developing his career, receiving honors from several prestigious organizations. 


Albin's career has been a continual learning experience. His growth comes naturally as he seeks excellence through education and hard work. He is constantly finding new things to appreciate in the masters, both living and deceased. Some of his influences are Nicolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent, Abram Arkhipov, Ilha Repin, Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz, Mike Malm, Carolyn Anderson, Gerald Griffin and Leon Parson.


Albin Currently lives in Idaho with his wife Jenee and their three children. He teaches painting classes part time at Brigham Young University, Idaho, in the art department where his art education commenced. “Teaching is another way I can share the beauty of what I have learned; it fulfills me to be around like minded people in the art world. I feel blessed to continue my education with the faculty and students with whom I work. In this environment I can continually refine and develop through teaching.”


“If I can enrich the lives of those who view my work in any way, I have accomplished my goal. There is something of the divine that comes through the work of one who has mastered his mode of expression and who has something good to say. Be it simple or profound, intellectual or spiritual, when that message comes through and awakens something within the receiver that improves his or her life, that, I believe, is the higher purpose of art. That's what I strive for.”