Caleb Meyer


Caleb Meyer (b.1982) grew up near Sun Valley, Idaho.  As a child, Caleb enjoyed all types of art, but it wasn't until a painting class in college that he discovered a passion for oil painting. After graduating from Boise State University in 2006, Meyer began an apprenticeship with nationally renowned oil painter Robert Moore.


Meyer compares his time in Moore's studio to the laying of a strong foundation.

"The painting process is like building a house," he explains. "A painter must understand the principles of design to create a foundation for a strong painting.”

Following a two year apprenticeship, Meyer's own style began to emerge, and by 2011 he had established himself as a full time professional artist. 


Caleb Meyer's work has been featured in Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Western Art Collector, Big Sky Journal, and Western Art & Architecture magazines.

Caleb lives with his wife and three children in Missoula, Montana.