Brian Bateman



Brian Batmen is considered an historical artist. Keeping our past in the present is how he likes to think about what he does, ensuring that not only past generations remember, but also the upcoming generations that should know where we came from and where we may yet go. 

He has always loved history, combined with a passion for art. He did not call on the genre, it called on him.  

It has been this calling since he was a child growing up in Dayton, Ohio in the mid 1960s. His particular love of events along with the men, women and machines that have become famous from our past during our nation’s history. Native American culture is his main subject of choice, along with the occasional World War II aviation piece, charcoal drawing, plein air landscapes, and portraitures are other areas where Brian loves think about as an artist. As mentioned Native Americans are a favorite of his as this way of life and spiritual well being is something that intrigues him, and feels we should all strive to emulate this culture within our daily lives. We tend to complicate things whereas the Indians did not, they saw everything for what it was and were extremely spiritual people who loved the land for which they lived upon. 

When working on a piece and after all of the information has been gathered, Brian begins to carefully omit items that may not need to be present in the painting. In other words, less is more, as long as the viewer is emotionally intrigued by the work and can grasp the action or storyline which he is trying to convey. Mood and emotion in the work must always remain to gain the viewers attention as it is about trying to have the viewer feel what it must have been like within a particular time or event.  

Brian creates art full time and was in graphic design for many years before venturing off into his current occupation. He currently lives in Fallbrook CA with his wife and family.