Kadin Goldberg

Born in 1985 in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, Kadin primarily paints the landscape in oil and captures our world in a style known as impressionistic realism. At a very young age he moved with his Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and 140 pound black lab into their 16 foot travel trailer and proceeded to travel the western United States for a full year. Spending a year in campgrounds and being outdoors every day was where he first found his true passion for nature.


When Kadin was 8 years old he moved to Red Lodge, MT where he spent the next 10 years of his life exploring the mountains, drawing, snowboarding and playing music. After moving to Missoula, MT with a plan to study painting at the University of Montana, he quickly realized that the program had very little focus on representational art and so he decided to switch majors. In 2007 he graduated top of his classes with a B.A. in Psychology, a degree which ultimately has been incredibly influential in his career as a landscape painter.


After learning that innate talent is nothing but a myth, or at least convincing himself of such, Kadin decided to throw himself into the world of representational art. He moved to Florence, Italy where he studied over 40 hours a week learning traditional drawing methods of the masters at Angel Academy of Art. Longing for access to the outdoors and small town living, Kadin then move to Marshall, NC where he would continue his studies with renowned portrait and figurative artist, Angela Cunningham. After gaining a strong understanding of form and becoming confident in his technical abilities, Kadin decided it was time to take his painting outdoors and learn directly from nature.


Since going outdoors to paint, Kadin has found a new appreciation for the world in which we live. He mostly paints outdoors but often brings these outdoor studies into the studio where he completes more finished and refined paintings from them. His goal is to bring attention to the beauty of our natural world, capture the feeling of a specific place and ultimately help protect that place through awareness.


Kadin's influences include: Dennis Miller Bunker, Edgar Payne, Edward Harrison Compton, Nicolai Fechin, Bill Anton, William Herbert Dunton, Clyde Aspevig, T Allen Lawson, Richard Schmid as well as countless others.