A Successful Holiday Show 2019!

"Sun Sparkles and Aqua" Darcie Peet

We here at A. Banks would like to thank all our wonderful supporters out there for helping us have a successful final art walk of the year!

A special thank you to all of our fantastic artists as well, without all the stunning work you submitted, where would we be? With appearances from Jim Dick, Paul Waldum, Liz Lewis, Sally O'Neil, and Jim Bortz, we had a great opportunity to introduce our little art community to the artists who make it possible. So grateful for you all!

"Hoarders" Jim Bortz

"Hoarders" Jim Bortz

If you missed the art walk this Friday, not to worry, the show will be hanging through the first of the year. Stop by A. Banks Gallery Monday through Saturday to see all the incredible work our artist put into making this holiday show. Here are a few peeks:

"A Study of Fire" Caleb Meyer

"Brown Bear" Terry Lee

"Warming Up" Peter Campbell

"Shallow's King" Trevor Swanson

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