Live Painting With Trevor Swanson

The second in our series of live paintings will take place on July 27th with Arizona based artist Trevor Swanson. So be sure to swing by A. Banks Gallery to get a chance to meet this astonishing artist and get a look at what his art is all about!

A little bit about Trevor:

Trevor Swanson is an artist, born to a family of artists. With a generational inclination towards creative pursuits, Swanson began painting in his early childhood and quickly turned it into his life mission. With a keen eye for realism, he became among the most promising artists of the wildlife painting community at a young age. Starting early, by 25 Swanson's work was being hung in some of the most prestigious shows, museums, and private collections. His work won him numerous coveted awards, including the title “Artist of the Year,” by the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep. His exceptional talent has brought Trevor to travel the country in search of new subjects for his astonishing artwork. Swanson's beginnings in meticulous oil paintings capture a detail and life of its own, however recently, the impressive painter has branched out into more contemporary stylings. His tedious oil work remains consistent, and remarkable, but now strives to incorporate metal and reclaimed wood as a new kind of canvas. These pieces are eye catching in the least, and captivating in the most. Trevor now resides in Phoenix with his wife and family, painting and constantly building his already thriving career.

"Looking for Mischief," Oil on Metal, 24 x 12 inches

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