Have You Met Kadin Goldberg Yet?

Born in California, and raised in Red Lodge, Montana, Kadin Goldberg is a marvel of the contemporary western art scene. Kadin is an oil painter working in the style formally recognized as impressionistic realism, and his art is heavily focused on bringing attention to the world's natural beauty through his stunning landscapes. Goldberg received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Montana in 2007, then moved to Florence, Italy to study traditional drawing at the Angel Academy of Art. Upon returning stateside, he took his studies to North Carolina to learn from Angela Cunningham, a renowned figurative artist. By the time Kadin had built up his technical skills, he realized there was nothing more he could learn from others and took to the woods to learn from the ultimate teacher: nature itself. Today Kadin spends his days traveling and creating plein air studies to bring back to his studio, and complete the refined, immaculate paintings we know him for.  Always one to demonstrate the wonders of the natural world, Goldberg wishes to capture the magic of a specific place, with the goal of protection and conservation through awareness.  To learn more about Kadin Goldberg come by the gallery, and hear all our favorite things about this exceptional young painter. 

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